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Welcome to mindfull! 

We sort through the clutter and turn down the noise to simplify, clarify and illuminate.

Essential seminars and workshops in Social Media hosted by speaker and author Chip Leakas, walk you through the steps you’ll need to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Google+. Learn how to build relationships, extend your network to generate leads and referrals and grow your business.


Sean Malcolm

Home Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 5882 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I just wanted to share a success story with you… after attending Chip’s Seminar I went to work right away… 

“I had been been trying to get into a Large Company in Boston, MA to develop a corporate partnership for a long time with little or no sucess. I’ve recently tried using some of Chip’s Advanced Engagement Strategies recently and I have realized immediate positive results.” 

Thanks again Chip! 

Sean Malcolm, Home Mortgage Consultant 

Experience the extraordinary success that other Realtors, Loan Officers and other real estate professions have experienced who have put aside traditional marketing and made Chips’ tips, tricks and techniques the center of their networking and lead generating efforts.

mindfull seminars are topical, hands-on sessions designed to educate busy professionals by spotlighting the tools and technologies that are driving the real estate industry and its customers. The sessions and accompanying workbooks and handouts are designed to make learning rewarding by honing in on the most useful and usable information. When you leave each seminar or workshop, you will have new knowledge and specific steps you can implement immediately to help you reach your personal and business goals!

Jim Kobal
ViningsCRE LLC - SMM Commercial Realtor with CBC Metro Brokers

Chip delivered a well-planned and executed presentation - the Realtors absolutely loved it, and they want more. He is knowledgeable, warm and personable. He knows how to engage his audience and keep them focused. No one left the workshop early…very rare for Realtors, in fact they stayed later than the prescribed time.

September 30, 2012, Jim was with another company when working with Chip at Mindfull
Michael Martin
Michael Martin
Realtor® with St. Louis Real Estate Society

I recently attended a seminar where Chip was the presenter. He was very informative, put on a great presentation, and went the extra mile by sitting down and having a personal conversation over the topics presented. His expertise in social media has already helped my marketing, and I’m sure his future clients will also benefit greatly from his expertise! Thanks Chip!

July 12, 2012, Michael was Chip’s client
Carl White
Carl White
Carl White is the Founder of The Marketing Animals from Palm Harbor, FL.

Chip comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients.
I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. 

You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Chip as I have. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Carl White

June 11, 2012, Carl was Chip’s client

Betsy Albert
REALTOR - Serving Annapolis and Surrounding Communities

I had the opportunity to work with Chip Leakas in both a webinar and group seminar setting. Chip has an unusual ability to take a multifaceted topic, social media, and present it a simplified process. He specializes is social media for Loan Officers, Realtors, Financial Planners and Real Estate Professionals; I found it so refreshing to be learning from someone who understands my field. Chip is truly focused on the best interests of his clients and I look forward to future seminars.less

April 19, 2012, Betsy was Chip’s client


Our Website, with its emphasis on white space and lack of clutter is intended to make mindfull the antitheses of the chaotic social media, real estate and consulting sites. It is intended as a place to get clarity on current topics, establish connections and create new distinctions that improve our personal and professional relationships.