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Chip Leakas - Speaker/Author

 “I was raised in a real estate household; My Mom was a top producing realtor in Dayton, OH when I was growing up. My brother later worked as her partner and then moved into the title business where he opened his own firm. Our Mom was very successful, she knew everyone, so, I saw very early on the power of social networking to grow a business.”

Chip has worked as a Mortgage Broker and Loan Officer so he knows your business. His resume also includes stints with Salomon Smith Barney, Specializing in professional investment management and eMarketing Manager for both Lexis Nexis and Linear Title; For the past 3 years Chip has been with Embrace Home Loans as Social Media Director working directly with Loan Officers to build their personal brands within the Embrace team on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Approach: “I’m a big fan of news you can use.”

Chip and his team comb the Internet monitoring the marketplace  information of ideas for strategies and tactics that will make a difference for you. “One of the most important elements of mindfulness is being of the moment. There’s so much information out there that it’s nearly impossible for busy professionals to keep up. I’m a big fan of news you can use. This means being discerning, finding reliable and trusted resources, it means cutting to the chase to provide the tips and techniques that get results. At the end of the day it’s the relationships you build that grow your business and result in referrals. Real Estate professionals know this instinctually.”

“My goal is to teach you how to incorporate these new tools into what is already a natural process. I believe that taking what is perceived as technical and complex and explaining it in simple relevant terms, eliminates the fear that realtors, loan officers and others have when it comes to social media. People learn best by doing, so our sessions are hands on. Once they get past the intimidation they realize using these tools can be fun, as well as rewarding. Social can’t be just a part of your strategy, it needs to be central.” We have seen Realtors and Loan Officers who have put aside traditional marketing and made Chips’ tips, tricks and techniques the center of their networking and lead generating efforts meet with extraordinary success.”

Chip has inspired real estate professionals up and down the east coast by earning their trust with his in depth knowledge and ability to zero in on exactly where they need to focus their limited time to gain the most from what social media has to offer. His creative approach to using social media generate referrals along with a direct, hand’s on style has made him one of the most sought after trainers.  “

Even the most advanced users seek out Chip’s social media seminars for the newest and most efficient ways to build their businesses.

Chip Leakas, speaker and author is a 30-year financial services and marketing veteran whose focus over the past 10 years has been on Internet marketing and social media in the mortgage and title space,

“I am dedicated to helping Realtors find buyers and assisting Loan Officers in generating mortgage leads by teaching them how to use social media to increase their business and generate more referrals.”

Chip lives and works in Rhode Island


Speaker, Author, Social Media Marketer - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+


Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer, Financial Services, Ecommerce, Business & Marketing Analysis, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development,



“Chip is by far one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful marketing colleagues I have ever had!! His ideas and social media concepts are exceptional. He is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate social media marketing into daily routines and activities to promote visibility and increase traffic on all online avenues. He is a “think outside the box” specialist and very helpful to all! I enjoy working with Chip and brainstorming with him. He is a prestigious expert in his field.”

Heather F. Loan Officer, Embrace Home Loans worked directly with Chip at Embrace Home Loans


“Chip is a social media marketing guru — he gets the big picture, and knows how to manage the details. He understands how social media fits into an integrated marketing campaign and how to define an enterprise roadmap that implements social ‘authentically’ and effectively — from policy and training, to engaging content development and ROI metrics. Best of all, he achieves results with cool, confident charm. Priceless.”

Mark R., Digital Strategist + Creative Director, Social-smart LLC