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If this post is too novice a concept for all you seasoned social media professionals than I should warn you that the next few weeks of our blog will be spent ramping up into the throes of the social media frenzy and all of it’s many amazing features but in order to properly “exemplify” a place from which to start we must first do so by starting at the beginning.

1956 Social Networking

Where did Social Media Originate? 

Once upon a time there was a Real Estate Professional who was widely known in her community.  She always had the local scoop and knew lots of information about many area families.  It was important to keep her finger on the pulse of the happenings around town because you just never knew when a house was going to be listed on the market.  It was a matter of being in the right place at the right time… luck and a healthy social life had everything to do with her success.  Most of the information she obtained back in the day was at the local coffee shop, because back in those days - that’s where local people would congregate to “chat”, “hang out” and “catch up” in other words.. that’s where good old fashioned word of mouth came from! 

Fast forward and most of the locals are having so much fun with the advent of the internet and social networks that instead of spending their time actually being face to face passing along valuable information, they are instead drinking latte or a designer cup of coffee at home or in the office, while catching up with the “locals” in digital coffee shops, ie; facebook. 

That’s right… it’s the same exact concept.  Social Media (word of mouth)  is still social, it just so happens that it’s now going on digitally vs. in person. 

In order to get the most out of Social Media and where you should start we should first take a look at the social media er, coffee shop, landscape. 

Starbucks, Duncan Donuts, Tim Hortons, Hortons Who, Joe Diggity Bomb Coffee House- it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you realize they serve the same thing- ( Coffee!) just inside of a different experience.

You need to know that they all have a unique and different way of attracting their customer and unique and different reasons for why their customer wants what they are serving where they are serving it.  It’s all just served in the way you most prefer to communicate.

Now; lets relate this same idea to today’s Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Pinterest… yikes! 

They all share a common thread (a social way to share data and info) that make them all a great place to spend time and spread the word. it all depends on how you most prefer to “catch up” and express yourself.

Although each one of these networks have very different features and benefits - they are all proven platforms where communities congregate to successfully share information and get the local (or national) scoop.

Now, I am personally am a Duncan Donuts girl who likes to get her latte and pastries at Starbucks and her muffin’s toasted at Tim Hortons… get my drift? They’ve all got something to offer me, and each “location” attracts me but for different reasons. 

Tune in for our next post which will begin to strip down the mystery and mystique of each one of these social networks.  For today, enjoy this free insight into what a good “cup of joe” can provide (It’s all in how they roast the beans!)


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