Are you "remarkable"?
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To learn how effective your Social Media Marketing status updates are…consider how many “comments” or “remarks” you get!  

Comments or remarks are the highest form of engagement on social media but they can also help you get to the next level of exposure if your status update (+) comments or remarks are being “shared” by others!

This is what Facebook “Edgerank” is all about (algorithm for the newsfeed) which determines the “top stories”.  

Do you want to become “remarkable” and therefore remain at the top of the newsfeed?  Then try being provocative, controversial, even polarizing to see just how “remarkable” you are!  Find out what works for you, and if it fails, as they say, you learn what does NOT WORK.  

Share your unique point of view but with a positive slant and benefit for your target audience. Do you have unique insight into a particular problem? Can you offer a solution that is unconventional? That is an example of how to become “remarkable” using Social Media Marketing and Status Updates!  Try IT!

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