There's No Place Like, I Mean, Facebook.
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This is the phrase one might want to remember when thinking about facebook’s personal pages.  It can be a powerful marketing tool, OR simply a place to just be yourself with benefits!

Think of it this way- at home, you feel your most comfortable and you can be exactly who you are. I teach my students that facebook is the place where you can learn an awful lot about the people you care to really know through interaction, updates, and engagement. It’s also the place where you can “share” so much about your own life and the things that interest you.

The reason you want to care about facebook and all that it has to offer is simple:

The average facebook user has 130 friends (you do the math). If most of the people you connect with on facebook are your friends, or individuals you’ve known at one time or another, and you take the time to foster those through some kind of interaction with them, than chances are that they will be able to more readily refer you to their friends or use you when they need your services.   The more you interact and “share” your views, observations, humor, and accomplishments the more your friends will keep you in mind for future business ( this does not mean facebook littering- so careful how many times you post)   If you are up on what’s happening in the lives of those you are connected with- you too will be able to refer them to solutions or introduce them to people (including yourself) when you detect that they might have a need for a service you have or a resource you can direct them to. 

Facebook is not the place to “sell” your services, so, whatever you do- avoid making it a place where you try to insert yourself as a service provider. If you try to use it as a sales platform- people will basically un-friend you. No one wants to be “sold” to, and in fact are using the platform as a more authentic way of connecting to businesses and business people as REAL people.   

If you went home and you could not kick your shoes off and feel comfortable you likely would not enjoy it as a place to spend time… likewise, if someone was not behaving properly you’d want to go to your own room and shut the door or put on your headphones. 

The best way to get to know facebook is to observe how someone you know and respect and who seems to be “popular” is using it.

Our next post will discuss the reason you might want to set up a facebook business page and how it’s different from personal pages. While we are at it, please “Like” our Mindfull facebook page so that you can follow our posts and so that we can help you be more mindful about how you use social media in your every day life and in business.  Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts anytime!



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