Social Media is about "connecting and communicating"!
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One common goal or objective of social media marketing is to generate “awareness” of your company’s products or services, which ultimately influences the “intent to buy”.

With consistent sharing of high quality content (stories, links, photos, education, etc.) you increase “top of mind” and “word of mouth” which leads to the highest form of “connecting and communicating” which is “face to face” meetings.

In general, people prefer to do business with people they find credible, knowledgeable, trustworthy and most of all, interesting! Someone they see as similar or “of like mind” and therefore a natural affinity.

The best way to humanize your business is then to regularly share your insights, experience, and interests through your social media profile or blog.  Transparency and genuineness will then allow your accomplishments and skills provide that added dimension to increase “inbound marketing” as people seek you out.

Many in the Financial Services Industries including Finance and Lending have been successful connecting with other referral partners through platforms such as Facebook, Linedin and Twitter when they have demonstrated their competency in helping clients solve problems and meet their financial goals and objectives.

The key to this is to be aware of the many compliance and regulatory issues involved with electronic marketing and stay clear or the rules violations that could be violated in cyberspace, and become a permanent record.

With that understanding, then social media marketing platforms and networks can be navigated simply and easily to connect and communicate with current and future customers, prospects, and business referal partners.

Everyday we have dozens of conversations in person, and on the phone which can be offered as “status updates” about what we are working on. As a rule of thumb, generally it’s good to protect the identity of the prospect or customer you are mentioning as a “status update”. However, using a simple formula of “entertain, educate, and empower” you will reach many more people who read, comment, like and share your status updates when you “entertain or tell a story, educate by explaining the product or solution you provide, then empower, by offering a call to action.

These simple steps then put your image, brand and message in front of hundreds or even thousands of potentinal prospects, customers and referral partners!




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