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Are you "remarkable"?

To learn how effective your Social Media Marketing status updates are…consider how many “comments” or “remarks” you get!  

Comments or remarks are the highest form of engagement on social media but they can also help you get to the next level of exposure if your status update (+) comments or remarks are being “shared” by others!

This is what Facebook “Edgerank” is all about (algorithm for the newsfeed) which determines the “top stories”.  

Do you want to become “remarkable” and therefore remain at the top of the newsfeed?  Then try being provocative, controversial, even polarizing to see just how “remarkable” you are!  Find out what works for you, and if it fails, as they say, you learn what does NOT WORK.  

Share your unique point of view but with a positive slant and benefit for your target audience. Do you have unique insight into a particular problem? Can you offer a solution that is unconventional? That is an example of how to become “remarkable” using Social Media Marketing and Status Updates!  Try IT!


Survey: iPads are the marketing tool of the future

Email still rules, print is dead

Inman News®

Flickr/<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/meedan/5356419464/" mce_href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/meedan/5356419464/">meedanphotos</a>Flickr/meedanphotos


It’s an iPad world. More than 75 percent of the 110 real estate professionals who participated in a survey by marketing technology firm Imprev selected “iPad presentation” as the marketing tool they would most like to have.

“Drip” e-marketing campaigns placed a distant second at 35 percent, followed by websites at 29 percent, and blogs at 28 percent.

“Real estate agents are shouting that they want their iPad apps,” said Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev, the marketing technology firm that conducted the survey.

About 52 percent of respondents reported smartphones as their favorite hardware, followed by iPads/tablets at 26 percent, laptops at 16 percent, and desktop computers at 5 percent.

Fifty-one percent of survey respondents selected email as the most effective current marketing tool, followed by Agent website at 50 percent, virtual tours at 42 percent, printed postcards at 36 percent, and Facebook at 32 percent.

Ten years ago, according to survey respondents, the most effective marketing tools were all print-based, including newspaper display ads, postcards, fliers, newspaper classified ads and magazine display ads.


There's No Place Like Home...er, I Mean, Facebook.

This is the phrase one might want to remember when thinking about facebook’s personal pages.  It can be a powerful marketing tool, OR simply a place to just be yourself with benefits!

Think of it this way- at home, you feel your most comfortable and you can be exactly who you are. I teach my students that facebook is the place where you can learn an awful lot about the people you care to really know through interaction, updates, and engagement. It’s also the place where you can “share” so much about your own life and the things that interest you.

The reason you want to care about facebook and all that it has to offer is simple:

The average facebook user has 130 friends (you do the math). If most of the people you connect with on facebook are your friends, or individuals you’ve known at one time or another, and you take the time to foster those through some kind of interaction with them, than chances are that they will be able to more readily refer you to their friends or use you when they need your services.   The more you interact and “share” your views, observations, humor, and accomplishments the more your friends will keep you in mind for future business ( this does not mean facebook littering- so careful how many times you post)   If you are up on what’s happening in the lives of those you are connected with- you too will be able to refer them to solutions or introduce them to people (including yourself) when you detect that they might have a need for a service you have or a resource you can direct them to. 

Facebook is not the place to “sell” your services, so, whatever you do- avoid making it a place where you try to insert yourself as a service provider. If you try to use it as a sales platform- people will basically un-friend you. No one wants to be “sold” to, and in fact are using the platform as a more authentic way of connecting to businesses and business people as REAL people.   

If you went home and you could not kick your shoes off and feel comfortable you likely would not enjoy it as a place to spend time… likewise, if someone was not behaving properly you’d want to go to your own room and shut the door or put on your headphones. 

The best way to get to know facebook is to observe how someone you know and respect and who seems to be “popular” is using it.

Our next post will discuss the reason you might want to set up a facebook business page and how it’s different from personal pages. While we are at it, please “Like” our Mindfull facebook page so that you can follow our posts and so that we can help you be more mindful about how you use social media in your every day life and in business.  Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts anytime!




“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” – Buddha 

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” – Buddha 




Digital Coffee Talk

If this post is too novice a concept for all you seasoned social media professionals than I should warn you that the next few weeks of our blog will be spent ramping up into the throes of the social media frenzy and all of it’s many amazing features but in order to properly “exemplify” a place from which to start we must first do so by starting at the beginning.

1956 Social Networking

Where did Social Media Originate? 

Once upon a time there was a Real Estate Professional who was widely known in her community.  She always had the local scoop and knew lots of information about many area families.  It was important to keep her finger on the pulse of the happenings around town because you just never knew when a house was going to be listed on the market.  It was a matter of being in the right place at the right time… luck and a healthy social life had everything to do with her success.  Most of the information she obtained back in the day was at the local coffee shop, because back in those days - that’s where local people would congregate to “chat”, “hang out” and “catch up” in other words.. that’s where good old fashioned word of mouth came from! 

Fast forward and most of the locals are having so much fun with the advent of the internet and social networks that instead of spending their time actually being face to face passing along valuable information, they are instead drinking latte or a designer cup of coffee at home or in the office, while catching up with the “locals” in digital coffee shops, ie; facebook. 

That’s right… it’s the same exact concept.  Social Media (word of mouth)  is still social, it just so happens that it’s now going on digitally vs. in person. 

In order to get the most out of Social Media and where you should start we should first take a look at the social media er, coffee shop, landscape. 

Starbucks, Duncan Donuts, Tim Hortons, Hortons Who, Joe Diggity Bomb Coffee House- it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you realize they serve the same thing- ( Coffee!) just inside of a different experience.

You need to know that they all have a unique and different way of attracting their customer and unique and different reasons for why their customer wants what they are serving where they are serving it.  It’s all just served in the way you most prefer to communicate.

Now; lets relate this same idea to today’s Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Pinterest… yikes! 

They all share a common thread (a social way to share data and info) that make them all a great place to spend time and spread the word. it all depends on how you most prefer to “catch up” and express yourself.

Although each one of these networks have very different features and benefits - they are all proven platforms where communities congregate to successfully share information and get the local (or national) scoop.

Now, I am personally am a Duncan Donuts girl who likes to get her latte and pastries at Starbucks and her muffin’s toasted at Tim Hortons… get my drift? They’ve all got something to offer me, and each “location” attracts me but for different reasons. 

Tune in for our next post which will begin to strip down the mystery and mystique of each one of these social networks.  For today, enjoy this free insight into what a good “cup of joe” can provide (It’s all in how they roast the beans!)