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Mindfull Social Media Time Management for Real Estate Brokers

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“I’m too busy for social media!” 

“How will I ever fit all this additional time into my day?!”

“I get so distracted and spend lots of un-necessary time on Facebook…”

These are just some of the many responses I get when I begin teaching my students how to incorporate new social media marketing steps into their already busy lives. 

As the driving force behind our own livelihood it’s become critical to know how to navigate the social media landscape so stop belly aching because it’s not going away!  Social media is the official new way to market yourself effectively and cost efficiently, and we are here to show you how.

Top three reasons to get with the program:

1) Social media marketing is an incredible way to generate leads for your business. 

2) It’s a great way to establish rapport and credibility.

3) It’s cost effective (free) and if used correctly - can make you way more productive (Psst-  It’s about working smarter, not harder).


Social Media = More Sales 


By being MINDFULL about how you do it.  

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Atlanta Realtors Continuing Education Class Testimonial

Good Morning,

I would like for you to know the feedback I have been receiving from this event.  The realtors absolutely loved it and they want more.  Chip delivered a well planned and executed presentation.  He is knowledgeable, warm and personable.  He knows how to engage his audience and keep them focused.  No one left the workshop early…very rare for realtors…in fact they stayed later than the prescribed time.  I took a poll of the room as to who would be interested in Chip presenting Linkedin.   Everyone raised their hand.  We would love for him to come back and do a seminar/workshop on Linkedin.

Thank you for allowing him to present.  We want him back!

Bonnie L. Stewart, Senior Loan Officer
Embrace Home Loans, Inc.
1125 Commerce Drive Suite 100, Peachtree City, GA 30269
770.631.4000   |   www.BonnieLStewart.com
Cell: 770.256.7045 | Fax: 1.877.219.8799


Tip; Simpler RSVP Facebook Events! Try it!

Facebook event ads now have simpler RSVP, allow users to invite friends

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 10:18 AM PDT  ARTICLE  from http://insidefacebook.com

Facebook has updated the look and functionality of its event ads, eliminating RSVP options with a single “join” button followed by a new ability to invite friends directly from the ad.

Previously, event ads included an RSVP button that presented ”attending,” “maybe attending” or “not attending” as options after users clicked on it. The elimination of extra clicks and decisions is likely to improve performance for event ads. However, the new blue event icon seems less noticeable than the old one, which was a little larger and included the color red.

The following shows the flow of the new event ad unit. After clicking “join,” the button changes to “invite friends.”

Facebook’s self-serve ad dashboard has not been updated to reflect the change. The ad preview for event ads still shows the old icon and RSVP call to action.

The social network redesigned its event pages and changed RSVP to “join” in November. It makes sense for ads to also reflect this wording, but it’s unclear why the icon in ads would be different than it appears elsewhere on the site.


How To Customize Timeline On A Facebook Page

With all pages converting to timeline at the end of the month, Facebook created a video explaining how to customize timeline on a page. A copy of it appears below. Let us know what you think of it by posting in the comments section.


100 REALTOR® Associations Are Making it Easy to Connect With REALTORS® on Facebook


From statewide to local, associations are embracing Facebook as an important channel for members

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 29, 2012 — Representing over 200,000 REALTORS®, REALTOR® Associations throughout the United States have stepped up their Facebook initiatives by making it simple for consumers to find, learn about and connect with their members through their own association pages on Facebook.

Real estate is a social business. As supported by the recent growth, Facebook is quickly becoming the place to be for the industry. Since 2008, agent use of Facebook for business purposes has grown from less than 30% to over 90% today. Of the 150 million U.S. Facebook users, 100 million are between the ages of 30 and 55, a sweet spot for the industry. The amount of time users spend on Facebook has also grown to staggering levels. The most recent estimate is U.S. users spend collectively over 100,000 years of time on Facebook each month.

To attract Facebook users interested in real estate, many REALTOR® Associations are adding consumer-facing apps to their own Facebook pages. Using apps, such as the member Directory, visitors to an association’s page can search for REALTORS® by geographic area and service specialty, connecting directly to the member’s Facebook page. From their page, members can showcase their services as well as market and promote their listings through Facebook.

For many agents, having a presence on Facebook shortens the distance to potential customers. Consumers like it because connecting with an agent through Facebook is a natural extension to the social environment they live every day. More importantly, research has shown that consumers are more transparent in the Facebook ecosystem than on the Web, which helps agents make connections and engage with consumers.

“We’re seeing an open and cooperative attitude among all levels of the industry about how Facebook can be a game changer for the agents,” said Mark Bloomfield, CEO of N-Play, a company which develops Facebook real estate applications. “One of the hardest parts of an agent’s job is connecting with prospects and cultivating new customers, whether they are buyers or sellers. Facebook is changing the paradigm on how this can be accomplished on many fronts. It’s an exciting time for the industry,” Bloomfield said.