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Facebook Essentials Seminar Video Fairfax, VA

In this short video Chip Leakas is explaining and showing an example of “the digital conversation” on Facebook. This technique teaches you how to use the Facebook search engine and keywords to find prospects, leads, and referrals by learning about a “status update”. In this example 2 people have indicated they are out “house hunting” in their status update. This one conversation has the potential to result in 2 leads for new home buyers (if you are a Realtor) and if you are a lender, 2 mortgage prequalifications leads.  Contact Mindfull to learn this and dozens of other techniques on how to increase your business using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Interested in hosting a seminar for your referral partners or employees? Call now! 888-406-2115


Who’s Best at B2B Marketing: Facebook vs LinkedIn

February 3, 2012 |  by Tim  |  Business

As a marketing student myself, today’s infographic piqued my interest. Facebook has made a major impact with its advertisements. Whether it is for a local mom and pop taco shop or Pepsi, FB has a way to get it noticed. Although a lot of facebook users don’t pay attention to the ads. I know I rarely do.

LinkedIn is a more specialized site where its members are of the business world. They usually are proactive passionate employees that intertwine their work with their social network experience. Facebook is more of a vent for stress and pictures of last weekend’s party.

If I had to take a bet, the better B2B marketing venture in my opinion would be LinkedIn. San Diego Web Design & Marketing Agency has supplied a more detailed breakdown between the two social networking powerhouses.



Facebook Essentials seminar in Towson, Maryland 2/2/2012

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 we provided the Facebook Essentials seminar to over two dozen Realtors, Title Agents, and Loan Officers along with a few other guests at the Sheraton Hotel in Towson, Maryland.

Our sponsor for this event was David Ratti at Embrace Home Loans. Lots of great questions and interaction from the participants.

Several people asked me about offering “hands on” workshops where we would spend 1-2 hours with interactive demos to learn and practice the techniques taught in the seminar. More information coming on that soon! 

Next stop- Fairfax, VA on February 9th! See you then! 

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Here’s an infographic that shows exactly how real consumers used search sites in 2011


8 Reasons Why You Should Care About Social Media?

Posted by Michael Lieberman on Tue, Jan 31, 2012

Everywhere you turn, social media is the latest and greatest marketing buzzword. But honestly, why should you care? Do you need it to be successful? Isn’t it a fad that will eventually go away? It can’t really drive leads for your business, right?

social media strategyEvery business needs a social media strategy, a social media presence and every business needs to understand how social media has become a REQUIREMENT if you want to grow your business. Here are eight reasons why it must be a mandatory part of your marketing program.

1. Your customers and prospects are using it. The numbers are in the hundreds of millions and growing daily.  Your target market is included, no matter what industry you are in.

2. Your customers trust it. Yep, they trust it more than you or your website. Because their friends, family, colleagues and trusted advisors are telling them you are great, they trust that advice, much more than hearing about how great you are from your sales team or your website.

3. Google trusts it too. In fact, they trust it more than your website and they are going to be ranking social conversations and social content ahead of your website. So if you want to be ranked, you need to be social.

4. People are looking for information. Buyer behavior has changed. People are researching information first and they are turning to social sites.  If you aren’t there, your competitors will be.

5. There is power in numbers. There are so many people using social media to share interesting content with each other the numbers are too big to ignore. Regardless of each person’s individual network, each connection is worth 20 additional connections.  Do the math. Those numbers get big fast.

6. There are enough social sites that it makes sense for EVERY business. You might not need a Facebook page, but there are enough other social sites that you need to considering social media for your marketing.  LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter are just a number of the most popular business oriented sites that you must consider.

7. There is huge upside.  Handle the content creation creatively and this might be the silver bullet your business has been looking for. All the elements are here to take your business to new heights in very short course. This is how a business goes viral.

8. Content reigns supreme.  If you put crappy content out, you get crappy results. But create compelling, creative, engaging content and social media can act as a super highway to introduce your business to millions of potential prospects.

Don’t dismiss this simply because you don’t use it.  Don’t dismiss this simply because you don’t understand it or are uncomfortable about it. Your business needs this.

ACTION ITEM - Start slow.  We know this is complicated and for some of you it might even feel like a foreign language.  Speak with a few experts.  Be careful, most marketing people are pretending to be social media experts because it is so popular and so many people are so confused.  Make sure they have an approach, make sure they are open to teaching you about it and most importantly, make sure they show you quantitatively how it will work for YOUR business. This means exactly what improvements are expected in website traffic, conversions and leads generated.  If they can’t tell you that, move on to another source.