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Facebook Essentials      A mindfull seminar, expect clarity

“What is Social Media and why do you need to be on it? Maybe you’re on Facebook already, but unsure how to achieve a balance between business and personal. Let me show you how to use these tools so you can do what you do best.”  -Chip Leakas, mindfull Speaker, Author

In this seminar you’ll learn how to make Facebook an integral part of your business strategy. Speaker and Author, Chip Leakas shows you how customer habits have changed, and “how word of mouth” works online.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Why you must be part of this marketing phenomenon 
  • The difference between a Facebook Business Page & Your Personal Profile
  • How Privacy Settings are used to separate your business and personal life
  • Why Facebook is the best “free” business marketing tool
  • How to use advanced search tools to connect with more people and businesses to take full advantage of keywords
  • How to get more subscribers and stay top of mind using simple status updates
  • About the importance of “comments”, “likes” and “shares”
  • How telling a story gets and keeps you connected
  • How to get “hyper local” and be seen as a knowledgeable expert
  • How to target market using Facebook Ads
  • How to Showcase real estate listings with landing pages and status updates

And much more… 

Facebook Essentials goes beyond the basics showing you how to turn prospects into qualified leads to grow your business by building on trusted referrals.

Contact us today to sign up and learn how get and stay connected with prospects and buyers.

Also available, LinkedIn Essentials

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